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Types of outdoor advertising you should be using are some of the important factors of your business. With the digital shift happening, outdoor advertising has declined in recent years. However, the impact of outdoor advertising is just as important as digital advertising. With outdoor advertising, you can reach a different demographic of customers, who are not typically active on online platforms. This way, you are able to extend your services to a larger demographic.

Typically, outdoor advertising takes place in public places, which experience high traffic. Hence, it is essential for you to select specific regions, which can be used to promote your business. Once you have selected the locations, you can move onto choosing the different mediums for outdoor advertising.


One of the most common areas for outdoor advertising is publishing an advertisement on a billboard. While billboards can be expensive, they are visible to a larger group of individuals, who walk past them. Billboards demand attention, therefore, if your company’s advertisement is published on it, it is more likely to be seen. However, the downside of advertising on a billboard is that they are static. This means only individual who is restricted to that region would see your advertisement.

Mobile advertisements

To counter the weakness of billboards, your company can invest in car vehicle graphics. Car vehicle graphics feature cars, covered in vinyl, which are driven around different areas to market your products and services. This method is cheaper than a billboard, however, you ould need to hire a driver to drive the car around in different regions. Mobile advertisements can invite a larger group of audience to become aware of your brand. This way, you can increase your leads and get more visitors to visit your business.

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards include digital and motion graphics, which are featured on screens, in densely crowded locations. While this method is relatively expensive, it can be extremely advantageous, as you can feature different advertisements on the same platform. For instance, if you want to discuss the launch of your new product, or you wish to inform the customers about a new discount, a digital billboard can help you achieve both of those objectives.

 Interactive Billboards

Interactive billboards are the latest trend in outdoor advertising. As the name suggests, these billboards engage with the audience and allow them to feel as if they are a part of the organization. For instance, Netflix’s interactive billboard fro Daredevil was one of the most iconic forms of advertising. The company put on four different superheroes and urged the fans to tweet about their favorites. The hero with the most mention would win the battle, as others would be displayed with physical harms, such as bruises, cuts, and bullet holes. This interactive billboard, displayed in Toronto, gained high popularity.

Point of Sales Display

Another simple, yet effective form of outdoor advertising is the points-of-sales display. These are the items that are displayed on the cash counters of different supermarkets. Due to their visibility, the point-of-sale display items are usually added to the cart, at the last minute. If you intend to sell your product, this form of outdoor advertising is ideal for your brand.

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