Notify Your Customers with A Premium Quality A Board Frame

Notice boards are the traditional, yet effective ways of sending out notifications to customers, clients and employees. Cherry Heath Printing provides you with premium quality of A board frames, with a message customised to your liking. We offer a wide variety of notice boards, including chalkboards, water base A-board frames, boosters board pavement sign, budget A-boards, informers and many more designs.

Additionally, with Cherry Heath Printing, you can get your get customised posters that can be fitted inside the poster boards. With our service, you have the authority to design the poster yourself through our smart online drawing application. Place an order today!

Promote your messages effectively on A Boards

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A modern take on the classic shopfront sign – for permanent graphics. It has rounded corners for style and safety.


The top selling, low priced poster sign in a range of sizes. Frames available in black and silver. Beware lower quality imitations!


A heavier weight all steel A-Board for 20″ x 30″ posters with magnetic rubber sealed poster covers. It folds flat for efficient storage.


A heavier weight all steel A-Board in a range of poster sizes, boosted with a semi circular permanent message header panel.

Premier Chalk Board

The steel version of this A-Board is unique in design and leads the market in performance and functionality.


The affordable all wood chalk A-Board with fixed exterior grade MDF panels. One size only. Rubber stand-off feet for grip and stability.

Budget A-Board

Lightweight, low cost, gloss white plastic sign for permanent graphics. For sheltered outdoor sites and indoor locations.

Waterbase A-Board

The smallest A-Board for permanent sticker inlay graphic. Ideal for safety message purposes. Durable polyethylene construction.

Questions & Answers

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If your business is new, and you have an awesome promotion to offer but you are far away from the street, you cannot be found easily, Pavement Signs are highly recommended for you. They also provide a double-sided display, thereby giving you double advertising spaces.

This Pavement sign is made using steel back panels which are galvanised to make it very stable. The frame is made of anodised aluminium with a fashionable finish of smooth satin. The A1 board has a weight of 7.3kg while the A2 board has a weight of 4.9kg.

Yes, this sandwich board uses the popular snap frame mechanism, which implies that you can have your posters updated quickly and easily. The clip frame is open in the front on both sides in order to let out your protective cover as well as a poster to enable you to take them out and have them placed in your new graphics.

Yes, an ultraviolet, anti-glare PVC cover is incorporated for either side of your display. These covers which are specially designed are capable of protecting your image from general wear, tear as well as fading from the sun.

Yes, you can buy separately extra PVC poster covers.

Although there is nothing wrong with using normal paper,  we highly suggest printing onto polypropylene or any other waterproof based paper because this will guarantee maximum protection for your poster and help it to retain its best look no matter harsh the weather may be. It is designed to hold paper whose thickness is not more than 0.5mm.

Yes, this product can be obtained with custom printed posters.  Following your purchase, we are going to send to you, within an hour, an email containing a link to upload your artwork to us for printing, or you may design it yourself with the help of our smart online drawing app.

Yes, wen can do your order from A to Z. So if you don’t have a design, one of our talented graphic designers can work with you and give you an awesome design.

No, as your artwork is uploaded after placing an order, it is not a must for you to have it ready any time you buy your item. We are going to transmit an email to you within one hour after placing your order and you may have it designed and uploaded at your convenient time.

Yes, you can upload two different forms of artwork to appear on each side of a product that is double-sided.

Most of our branded or printed products are ready within 2-3 days, based on the product)  following our receipt of your finished artwork.  In the event that we do not receive your artwork on time, your order is going to be delayed.

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