Terms and Conditions

Last updated 04/14/2019

This page contains the terms and conditions on various types of products listed on our website. It is necessary for the customers to read them carefully before ordering a product.  One should understand that he or she agrees to the terms and conditions while buying products from our website.

Our website reserves the rights to modify the costs and details of products any time based on the production which are subject to amendment.

Cherry Heath Printing company shall be entitled to charge VAT payable whether it is not included in an invoice or quotation.

Our company will take great efforts to deliver products to customers on time. On the other hand, we cannot give an exact delivery guaranteed time because our company relies on third-party courier company. Customers can contact us immediately in case of delays. We are not liable for any damages, losses, and thefts incurred by a customer.

Our printing company mainly offers services to customers in the UK. However, we do accept other international orders and customers can call us to discuss special requirements in detail.

We cannot guarantee the quality of papers when we buy them from paper mills and merchants. It may vary slightly when compared to other printers.

Our website is not responsible for any mistakes or errors committed by customers and they submit the proof of all work for approval. We charge additional amounts for the corrections including alterations in style made by an author.

Customers should intimate any printing defects discovered in the printing items within 24 hours through email. Those who want to replace the products should return them to us within 7 days of delivery. Our company is not liable for any costs incurred by any customers directly or indirectly when it comes to printing mistakes. However, we will supply reprinted materials to customers when we have printed documents incorrectly.

Customers can cancel their order when the products are not printed and they should confirm that with us. Since our company is in the printing business, we don’t reimburse anything on our products.

We accept all credit and debit card payments while processing an order. Customers should make their payments in Pounds Sterling currency and the service charges may vary with a country. It is advisable for them to follow the instructions on our website before making any payments.