Custom Vinyl Stickers

1. Label Stickers

These are appealing Label Stickers ranging from Small to Medium Sizes that can be customized for Products, Gifts, and Packages.

At Cherry Heath Printing, our team of signage specialists and graphic designers provide customizable and long-lasting label stickers which are excellent for small and medium size prints. Our stickers are equally suitable for a wide range of surfaces, such as plastic, glass, and cardboard. It is printed at a very high resolution, and resistant to UV rays, water, and scratches. In short, our label stickers are of the highest quality and printed using the highest resolution possible. They also have powerful adhesive properties which are guaranteed to last long without undergoing wear and tear of any kind.


All label stickers are obtainable in gloss or matte. Also, they are kiss cut. This implies that the backing paper is intact, thus giving room for easy peeling. Worry not about spoiling the precious labels, as they are made to last long!

Most importantly, the printing of our label stickers is done at high resolution– 720DPI! Your label stickers will not only look professional but also showcase your creativity and personality as you can have the designs customized to your own taste. You may order label stickers in batches or individually. You only need to send us your designs, and they will be completed in not more than three working days!

Do you need help?

If you are at a loss regarding the design of a label sticker, our team of friendly and highly knowledgeable print and design specialists are always ready to help you. Contact them for additional information and/or design advice!


2. Die-Cut Vinyl Decals

Die-Cut Vinyl Decals are made use of on vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and bikes. It is equally used for decorating walls. Die-Cut Vinyl Decals happen to be stickers that are shaped using advanced Die-Cut Technique. Vinyl happens to be the material utilised for manufacturing these stickers. The stickers are used by different firms for advertisement. Die-Cut Vinyl Decals come in different forms, varieties, and colours. Two types of Vinyl are used for manufacturing these stickers. They are White Vinyl Repositionable and White Vinyl Permanent.

We print Full Colour die Cut Vinyl Decals using CMYK / PMS inks that are very eco-friendly and are utilised for food products. They come in different finishes, such as Gloss and Matte to make them more beautiful and they also have possibility of having some special effects which make them appear more attractive. Based on your request, we can print for you stickers with standard properties or those that have numerous custom properties.

Cherry Heath Printing is among the online printing companies that provide top quality printing of Die-Cut Vinyl Decals at very reasonable prices. You may either provide us with your own design or get the design of your Die-Cut Vinyl Decal done for you by our highly innovative and talented designers. You can find directly on our website, prices for Die-Cut Vinyl Decals printing, in case you have questions regarding ordering and/or customization. Do not hesitate to contact us via our email or call
0161 888 2294.

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