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Whether it’s for a roadside café or a market monster company, signage plays a sizeable role in advertisement and promotion. But how many types do signage companies offer and what kind of signs are the right ones? To find out, read this comprehensive guide to the different types of signage and their uses.

#1 Glass Signs:

Glass signs are usually used in offices and other such high-profile buildings. It gives a formal and official vibe. You can also find glass signs and hotels and restaurants with high ratings. Here is how these signs work: signage companies print your text and images on a glass sheet and hang it up on the wall inside or outside your building to reach the people.

#2 A-Board Signs:

Most of you must have seen such signs outside or local diners, ice-cream parlours, and cafes. A-Board signs are a casual and easy way to put up your signs to promote any special offers, upcoming events, competitions, and the likes. A common trend is A-Boards made of chalkboard material so that you can customize it according to your liking at any time without a hassle.

#3 Illuminated Signs:

In terms of advertisement and promotions, illuminated signs are the best way to go. They work by literally turning heads towards them due to their light-up facility. In illuminated sign design, the image or text that you desire is printed on to decals with lights behind them. These are to shed light on the letters or imaged and make it glow so that they catch attention even in the dark.

#4 Glass Tube Light/Neon Signs:

This one will probably remind you of the old where groovy were the trends and everything was neon. Though that might be the case, these signs are still around. These signs are made with thing tube lights in bright neon lights, twisted into the shape and image to best represent your idea.

#5 Banner Signs:

Banners are the traditional ways of promoting any business. Whether it is the launch of a new product or a discount offer, companies are able to attract the customer’s attention with an eye-catching banner. Banners are ideal for retail stores, restaurants and small businesses.

#6 Graphic Advertisement for Cars:

This is one of the on-the-go methods of advertisement. Signage companies also offer the option of printing graphics of any business’s or brand’s signs, logos, or slogans on vehicles. This way, your advertisement will move around as the vehicle does and reach more audiences.

#7 Plywood Swing Boards:

If you are going for the classic old vintage touch for your restaurant, café, bar, or any of the sort, then a plywood swing board is just what you are looking for. Like you would see in a classic cowboy movie set in the old times of Texas, hanging or pavement swing signs are for your classic display purpose.

#8 Floor Graphics:

These kinds of signs are often printed on the floor in front of stores, restaurants, company buildings, etc. Floor graphics or floor decals are also a method of advertisement and signs. The good thing is that they don’t take up any 3D space so they don’t get in the way. Plus, you don’t have to spend as much on them.

#9 Window Signage:

This type of signage is of the same category as the floor graphics that are mentioned above. Another service that signage companies offer is that they print your logo, slogan, or advertisement on your window through frosted glass printing or glass film printing.

#10 Posters:

Posters are an easy and creative way for a quick advertisement. Get the help of an expert graphic designer and craft the best poster for your ad and promotion. What you need for the perfect poster is the right graphics, size, location, contrast, and visuals.

#11 One-Way Window Signs:

One-way window signs are a smart way to make sure that your advertisement reaches the eye of every passerby on the road that the said window is facing. One-way vision signs are made of a micro-hole sheet with your design printed on it. The holes allow the light to pass through into the building while simultaneously display your ad.

#12 Flag Signs:

Custom feather flag signs are a relatively new way to promote the business. They are not only attractive but also functional. Flag signs are ideal for real estate businesses, small businesses, along with retail stores. However, when you are creating a flag sign, make sure to consult a professioanl designer, so the signage demands attention.

#13 Fabric Signs:

Fabrics signs are your answer when you need a method of advertisement for a short time. They are washable, easy to hang up, and much more cost-efficient.

From billboard signs to correx signs to banners, Cherry Heath Printing is your one-stop solution to all sign designing and printing concerns.

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