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Are you looking forward to getting a glass sticker? If yes, then you must have all the types of stickers that are available in the market. There are two types of glass stickers in terms of printing technology and three types of stickers in terms of adhesiveness.

This blog discusses all of these types.

Window sticker printing type

Digitally printed window sticker

Solver or eco-solvent links are used in high-resolution inkjet printers to make digitally printed window stickers. These are very popular, and the reason behind their popularity is that they are highly affordable due to its low-cost involvement. These printers can even print 1660dpi, which results in a good quality sticker. These can be a good option for a short-run goal.

Screen printed window stickers

Screen printers are an ideal solution for any long-term goal, but these can be a little expensive. This technology requires a die tool for every sticker to make it in the accurate and correct shape, which leads to requiring a big set up, and this is the major reason behind its high cost. But if you are planning to get glass stickers in bulk quantities, then you may get lower prices for each sticker. 

Window sticker adhesive type

Permanent adhesive

The adhesive that is used in the permanent glass stickers is specifically designed to be stuck to the glass forever and never come off easily. These usually come with the durability of around 3 to 7 years without being peeled off. This is directly dependent upon the quality of the vinyl that is utilized in its production.

These are utilized when there is no need to remove the glass stickers in a short span of time. If the need to peel off the sticker arises, you will still have to take help from a hairdryer to warm it up. The warmth will dry out the adhesiveness of the glass sticker and result in peeling off.


The major drawback of a permanent window sticker is that it can leave its glue on the surface of the window even after the removal of the sticker.

Removable adhesive 

If you are planning to get a sticker for only around 12 months, then removal adhesive window stickers are the ideal solution for you. The best part about it is that if you change your mind, then you can let it stay and it can last up to 3 to 7 years easily. 

What makes this type better than the permanent type is that it does not leave back the glue residue on the surface of the window. Car stickers are usually of this category as these can endure long if not touched.

Static cling

If you are searching for an easy removal sticker option, then this is the best that you can get. It is free from all sorts of adhesives and glues and just hangs or clings up on the window through static suction. The clear benefit of this type is that it will not leave back the marks of glue and you will not have to worry if the glue dries out.

These were some of the types of glass stickers available in the market, with this knowledge, you can make the best decision for your business.

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