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The web design industry  is an ever-evolving industry where nothing remains the same for a longer period of time. The speed with which web design trends changing in this industry and then get old in no time, making space for better and advanced trends to be put in use is mesmerizing. The web designers are working tirelessly to invent more efficient techniques to improve the web designing industry and make it more useful for the digital world. Some of the new trends that will be seen dominating the digital and web designing world in 2020 are:


This new trend is the most hotly trending web design in recent times. Dark modes give a touch of modernity and impressively improve visual ergonomics by enhancing the color gradients of the screen making the design element pop. The dark mode is not only loved due to the way it looks but it also helps in saving power, reducing eye strain, and increasing the screen’s life-span.


The web designing industry has been dominated by perfect yet impersonal designs that may look appealing to the eye but not to the soul and heart. A new trend of hand-drawn icons has emerged that adds a touch of personality and connection to the design. This can help a company to stand out among others and to attract organic customers.


3D technology is one of those technologies responsible for the major shift in the web designing industry. The web designers are now armed to their teeth with a range of technical options to make use of 3D technology and make web designing more interactive and creative. Since 3D technology is not as expensive and complex as before, many opt to incorporate 3D technology in their websites to engage as many customers as they can.


This trend is making its way towards the most preferred web designing techniques in 2020. White spaces framing the whole screen give the image more structure and a “pop” element. This is used when the requirement is to showcase a subtle look but also give a sense of stability. This technique allows every element sufficient space that results in making the visuals shine.


The use of glowing and luminous colors is a trend that is here to stay for a long time. Futuristic color schemes and designs are being used to make web designs jump off the screen. As the web designing industry is growing courageous and bolder, the use of daring colors like hot pinks, purples, and blues paired with neon schemes are being put into use to generate a luminous feel. The rise of the duotone web designing scheme is also a reason why people want to see more and more colors on their screens.

The year 2020 has made sure to toss out all the old and worn out web designing techniques and is all ready to embrace a new era of web designing.

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