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Vinyl Vehicle Graphics VS Magnetic Vehicle Signs

Publicly marketing your business is very important for its growth. There are a plethora of ways to do it, one effective approach to make your brand noticed in public is by having a company car or van that has posters of your business. This is the best way to get the attention of people on roads.
Writings on vehicles and decals on cars and vans depict useful information about the business that brings multiple benefits – generate leads as well as make masses aware of the brand. Speaking of vehicle signwriting, there are two most prominent approaches – the Vinyl vehicle graphics and the Magnetic vehicle signs. Which one is the better option? Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using both options and decide which one is better.

Vinyl Vehicle Signs

You take your car or van to your office daily and will continue to repeat the same routine for an indefinite time, which makes it important to have a vehicle branding approach that will last for a longer time. Vinyl signs are an amazing solution as you can simply get van decals with all the useful business information. There are abundant options with vinyl vehicle signs; you can have a colourful van wrapping with a lot of branding, or if you have a lower budget, you can have your vehicle partially wrapped, and you can also choose a colourful can sticker displaying your company logo.

Pros Of Vinyl Vehicle Sign:

⮚ Vinyl vehicle signs last for longer durations
⮚ Once you have applied the vinyl sign, you won’t need to spend a lot of money to maintain it.
⮚ Vinyl wraps and stickers can be put on any part of the van
⮚ You can have high impact visual designs
⮚ If you wish to remove the vinyl wrappings and decals after some time, it can be conveniently taken off.

Cons Of Vinyl Vehicle Sign:

⮚ Once you have taken off the vinyl decals or signwriting, they are a waste. You can not re-apply them.

Magnetic Vinyl Signs

Getting a magnetic vinyl sign is also an effective solution. However, this isn’t considered as a permanent solution for vehicle branding, unlike the vinyl sign. The magnetic vinyl signs can only be applied to certain areas of the van/car, making it difficult to create eye-catching designs. The good thing about magnetic vinyl signs is that they can be removed easily, whenever you want, so your vehicle doesn’t have to look like an advertisement platform all the time.

Pros Of Magnetic Signs:

⮚ These signs can be easily taken off
⮚ The magnetic signs can be taken off and reapplied on any other vehicle
⮚ The ability to take it off and reapply it allows you to take it off when the vehicle is not used for work purposes

Cons Of Magnetic Signs:

⮚ Cannot be applied anywhere on the vehicle; only flat surfaces.
⮚ Since they are easy to remove, anyone can take it off and steal it.
⮚ These signs need constant maintenance as moisture and dirt get behind after every few days.


After discussing in detail the pros and cons of each vehicle sign option, it’s pretty easy to judge which should be the better option. The vinyl vehicle sign is far better than the magnetic sign as it is more durable, strong, and offers a variety of design options. Vinyl signs are long-lasting and need no maintenance after application.
Want a vinyl vehicle or magnetic vehicle sign on your company car? Get in touch with Cherry Heath Printing today and make the masses aware a your brand.

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