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Are you running your own business and being confused with so many paper types and sizes available in the market? You want to get something printed, but you are not sure which paper size or type you should opt for? This guide can be useful to you.

The following discusses all the paper sizes and paper types that are available in the market so that you can select the type and quality of the paper that perfects your printing needs. Even if you are getting the best printing service near you, but not picking up the correct paper type and size, it would have a negative impact on your target audience.

The guide is divided into two parts that are paper types and paper sizes so that you could develop a comprehensive understanding of which paper you should utilize in which situation.

Know the types

There are many types of printing papers, but the most commonly used and available are these 7 types:

Inkjet paper

Most of you must have heard the name of an inkjet printer, if yes, then what you are thinking is correct. Inkjet papers are specifically designed and used for printing that is done by an inkjet printer.

Laser paper

Again, as the name suggests, laser papers are used for printing done by laser printers.  This type of paper is highly utilized in the formal atmosphere for printing cheques, mailing labels and documents.

Bright White

Bright White printing papers are also known as premium quality papers in the printing industry as these are smooth and do not have any texture on it, which gives a premium feel. Due to its fine quality, it is mainly used for double-sided printing.


This is one of the handiest and highly used types of printing papers. The best thing about this paper is that it dries the ink faster than any other paper, which makes it suitable for everyday printing.


If you have a creative poster design, then this is the ideal type of paper that you could use. Glossy papers are highly used for printing images rather than texts due to its fine quality results.

Card stock

As it could be identified from the name, this type of paper has characteristics similar to that of a card. It is much harder and thicker than the other types of papers. It is very common among card printing services or scrapbook printing services.


This type of paper depicts high importance as important documents, such as CVs are printed on this type of paper. This is comparatively harder and has a creamy colour that makes it appear to be of higher importance.

The size matters

There is an extensive list of the paper sizes, and each one of them has its own specific role and purpose. The following are some of the most common paper sizes:

A-size paper

The extensive category of A-size paper is the most popular size of printing papers that are available in the printing industry. There is a wide range of options available under the heading of A-size papers, and each one has its own specific purpose. There are 10 common sizes that belong to A-size papers.

SRA paper

SRA paper is the common terminology, but it actually stands for ‘supplementary raw format A’. It is oversized as compared to A size paper. It is easier to bloom, grip or trim this paper which is the reason why it is widely used for commercial printing.

C-size paper

This type of paper is mainly used for making envelopes out of it. There are 10 common options available under the head of C-size, and it is made sure that the size is bigger than that of A size so that it could easily fit in the envelope.

Keep these sizes and types under consideration while getting printing service the next time.

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