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Window stickers and wall printing can take up your room décor by several levels. Although, applying such stickers can be a tricky job. With these tips below, you can learn how to apply window graphics without causing bubbles.

#1 Clean the Surface First:

Before you put on your window stickers, it is important to clean the surface first. If there is any dirt or grime on the surface, you won’t be able to apply your sticker properly and it may cause bubbles.

#2 Stick It from The Top with Tape:

The best idea is to start by sticking the sticker on with a big piece of tape. That is to hold the sticker in your desired place. Once it is secured in the place where you want to stick it, you can start with the next steps.

#3 Cut Sections of The Stickers:

If you want to make it easier to stick the entire window stickers without causing bubbles, it’ll be a smart idea to cut it into sections. That way, you can focus on smaller areas and work properly.

#4 Spray on Some Soap and Water Solution:

The soap and water solution doesn’t allow the sticker to grip immediately. This way you can readjust its position if you want. Once it’s in the proper position, stick it on, the soap solution will dry soon.

#5 Gently Remove the Wax Paper:

Before you finally stick on your wall printing results, you have to remove the wax paper to expose the adhesive. Be sure to do so gently to prevent it from ripping.

#6 Peel as You Go:

To ensure that your sticker doesn’t rip when you are removing the wax paper, you can peel it off as you stick it. This will also prevent any dirt from sticking to the sticker or formation of bubbles.

#7 Make It Smooth in Sections:

Once you have applied the sticker in place, its time for you to smooth it down. Gently trace your hand all over it in an outward direction to prevent any wrinkles.

#8 Softly Scrape Out Any Bubbles:

When you are done with the sticking and smoothing, you have to press out any bubbles. Best to use a squeegee to softly scrape out the bubble for a smooth wall printing result.

#9 Take Off the Cover:

Once the entire sticking process is done, you can take the protective cover off of it. The cover will reveal a smooth and shiny surface to give excellently and beautiful wall printing decoration.

#10 Scrape Once More:

Though it might seem like you are now done with your window stickers or wall stickers, there is just one more thing left. To be on the safe side, grab that squeegee once again and softly scrape the whole decal to ensure that any air bubbles have been squeezed out.

#11 And Voila!

Sit back and relax because now you’re done. In case there were any rips or tears in the sticker during the application, you can go over the same steps as mentioned above to salvage your sticker.

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