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How can we describe the importance of user experience in SEO? SEO might be the most important and major part of the digital marketing industry, but SEO itself is a separate industry. Many important factors play their role in making SEO effective and impactful. One of the critical factors is user experience or UX. It has been declared the soul of SEO, meaning if an optimized website is lacking effectual user experience, it is practically dead. Before you start learning about the importance of user experience in SEO, it is crucial to know exactly the importance of user experience in SEO is.


A business usually exists to cater to the needs of customers in a manner where they are satisfied, happy, and content with the products. The same goes for SEO. Whether a website is designed for marketing purposes, to spread information, or simply for entertainment, if the reader is not attracted to it and finds it dull, do you think it is going to go far as a website? No, right? When a website is being optimized for search engines, SEO’s first priority must be user experience. Precise and perfect user experience is required for a website to change the target customer into a loyal buyer.


It is a common error to get confused between user experience and usability, especially for fresh SEOs. But it is important to gauge the difference and also the codependency of both the factors on each other when it comes to SEO. A user visiting your website might feel the layout of it easy, less complex and simple, but still won’t get attracted or convinced enough to buy your product. This means your website is providing efficient usability but not the desired user experience. Hence a well-structured search engine optimized website must possess excellent usability as well as user experience to transfer maximum users to customers and enhance the sales.


It must be quite clear for you why is UX an important part of SEO by now. But there is still more to it. Search engines like Google want to give their users not only standard information on the demanded keyword, but they also want to provide their users with a quality experience. A user will only enjoy a quality experience when he/she comes across a fast, secure, and pleasant website with an appealing layout and convincing content. If a website is short of these attributes, it will not live long to see itself on the first page of Google or any other search engine for that matter.


Following are some tips to improve the UX of a website

  • Fast loading speed.
  • Convincing content.
  • Competent internal link structure.
  • Appealing layout.
  • Optimized menu names and functionalities.
  • A clear navigation path.
  • Suitable product names and descriptions.

To sum up, designing an SEO strategy lacking user experience is a big mistake on an SEO’s part and must be avoided at all costs to makes as much revenue and customers desired.

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