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If you are running your own business, then you must be struggling to get a company in the top search results on google. We understand how difficult and draining it could turn out to be, but we have done some research on google and its mechanics in order to find out how it operates. There are some changes and updates that Google is making in its research results, slowly but strongly.

You must be getting your services from the best SEO company in Manchester, but there might still be some common SEO mistakes that either you or the SEO company might be making. In order to overcome those common SEO mistakes, you have to understand the importance and significance of Schema Markup so that you could make the best out of it.

How does Schema Markup work?

What actually Schema Markup does is it informs google or any other search engine about your page or the website, along with the content that is available on your pages. This highly contributes towards enhancing your ranking on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Schema Markup could benefit your business by enhancing its visibility to your target audience which directly leads to higher traffic and more conversion chances

Significance of Schema Markup

There are two main reasons why schema markup could help you achieve your goal in being the top resulted company on google.

Enhances your SERP listing

One of the common SEO mistakes that the majority of the SEO companies do is that they do not give much importance to SERP listing. It is the first impression that a user would get about your company and if that is not attractive enough then there would be no conversion on that website, which would further take the website down in the list of the search results.

If you own such a company that you feel displaying images is necessary for you in order to get your target audience, then Schema could save you. As it could enable you to add snippets in your SERP listing which would help your target audience to know that you are the relevant option for them.

We can also say that Google is getting smarter day by day, now what google does is, it makes knowledge paragraphs at the right corner of the screen that showcases the most relevant and authentic information. It not only contributes towards making google more user-friendly, but it also helps the users to find the relevant and authentic information quickly and saves up the efforts for finding the best results.

You could incorporate some important information that would help you enhance the credibility of your website, and those include publisher or authorship markup, reviews along with the aggregate review, your local business information, Twitter cards and Facebook OG, corporate markup and breadcrumbs from SILOs.

Schema Markup helps you make google understand

Google only comprehends the keywords. Therefore, when taking help from Schema Markup, you could be sure that the users that will be visiting your website or your page would be your potential or existing clients. It would ensure that your entire traffic would be relevant to your company. It would make your page appear to be more preferred in google’s perception.

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