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Are you looking forward to rebranding your brand? If yes, then starting off with your
website is one of the best decisions. In today's era of technology, websites, social
media platforms, and everything that falls under the category of digital marketing is a
potential source of rebranding.

The first thing that you need to do is to find the best web design agency in Manchester,
as getting your website revamped or developed is a crucial part of branding or
rebranding. Make sure to get such a web design agency that is a pro at making good
user-interface websites, as there is no point in having a website if it doesn’t have a good
user interface.

The website’s colour themes directly influence the interface. We have noted down some
of the important points that would help you in deciding the colour theme of your website.
All of them are listed below

Be aware of colour psychology

It is very important to understand colour psychology before picking up any colour. Every
colour has a psychological meaning attached to it. Certain colours have found their
place, along with other stimuli in the perception of the people very strongly. The reason
behind a person holding such a strong perception of any specific colour could be a
result of childhood development. However, while childhood experiences are impossible
to gauge, web designers can plan a colour story by studying the common instances that
every individual goes through. For instance, the colour blue is considered as an
addictive colour, due to its calming properties. Therefore, several websites, such as
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all have a blue interface.

Know your brand essence

It is highly crucial to keep the essence of the brand alive, even if you are rebranding
your brand. The colours of the logo, or other things associated with your company,

should not be changed, as a strong brand essence makes it easier for the brand to have
brand personification.

Understand the colour theory

There exists a whole study of colours, and there exist different classes of colours. You
must grasp the basic understanding of the colour and know which colours are termed as
cool colours, warm colours, primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours.
You should choose intelligently which colours you want to pick and how each colour
would complement the other colours.

Go with a mix of combination

One colour could not get all of your work done, especially when it comes to designing a
website. You are required to use at least 3-5 colours in combination to attract your
target audience aesthetically. This could include colour philosophies such as spit
colours, complementary colours, analogous colours triad and tetrad colours. It is an art
to be able to make decent yet attractive colour combinations. If you are rebranding, then
do not make the mistake that you made earlier and choose the colour combination
keeping your target audience under consideration.

Do not mess it up

Simplicity is the key. Do not try to make your website sharp or alarming as it could
create a negative association in the minds of the customers. At the same time, it could
further lead to confusion. Try to keep your website as simple as possible while not
forgetting to keep up with the message of the company. Use simple colours and layouts
so that your customers could easily understand your message.

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