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Many people think of Shopify as an average website builder, but that is where they go in the wrong direction. This website builder is one of the contributing factors in the boost of the eCommerce world. It claims to be a pure eCommerce platform, which aims to help people build their online stores and conquer their dream with an easy, and seamless process.

Born in Ottawa, Canada in 2004, Shopify is now one of the biggest and renowned eCommerce giants. At the moment, Shopify is contributing $319 billion in the international economy. Now, it is supporting over 1,000,000 businesses all around the world. The company’s goal is to provide people with the right tools so they can build their online stores easily.

If you already have your store in Shopify, and it just got loaded with some quality products, the next step is to attract customers. Now, that is the trickiest part. Most people don’t realize that even with the most cutting-edge marketing strategy, it takes time for customers to notice new brands. With patience and an innovative plan of action, you will start gaining consistent and loyal customers for your Shopify store in no time.

The following is a list of some killer tricks and tactics that will accelerate things in a way that will help customers pouring into your website.

1)  Make use of Influencer blogging:

It is not a practical approach to market your product when you have a small audience. That’s where social media has got your back. Influencer blogging is one of the greatest assets of social media marketing. Connect to influencers and let them share your products with the people who follow them.

Social media bloggers that have a substantial following of thousands of people might charge you for promoting your brand. But it is worth it! One blogger review can boost your organic traffic dramatically!

2)  Strengthen your Instagram game

At the speed with which Instagram is growing, it is one of the best places you can market your Shopify store. Due to oversaturation in marketing, Facebook deters you in reaching your full audience unless you pay for it. While Instagram lets you connect with a much larger customer base, and also allows you to engage with them productively.

Click alluring pictures of your products with engaging content and top-listed hashtags. You will be surprised with the speed in which your customer base will grow – all because of Instagram!

3)  Try the power of SEO and PPC marketing:

According to many marketers, SEO marketing is one of the most effective channels to promote, build, and grow a brand into a multimillion business. If you want to maintain your customer base and increase repeat sales, strengthen your SEO game.

The most prominent SEO mistake marketers do, is to get into the mess of SEO vs PPC debate, and harm the website’s organic traffic. A smart approach is to use both of these tools to promote the ranking of the website in the search engines and maintain impressive organic traffic.

Other than these proven tactics, you can enhance and bring traffic to your Shopify store by creating A-star content. Facebook advertising and launching sales can also help in kick-starting your marketing strategy and buying you loyal customers.






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