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So picture this: you have just launched a brand new website with aesthetic graphics and hired an SEO agency for optimization. Everything seems on track, but then you start noticing that your website is not performing well. It takes too long to load and user response has been dropping consistently due to it. Now, this is a problem you don’t want to face while building your website. Fairly enough, there are many ways to avoid the aforementioned situation by bring changes in website design and we will discuss the most popular ones below:

#1 Reduce Redirection:

One of the reasons many websites have less speed is because they contain a lot of HTTP requests in the pages. Each website page makes many HTTP calls on loading such as HTML, CSS, JS, and image requests. Multiple redirecting increases these requests. Just to perform one function user has to be redirected to two to three pages which makes it time-consuming and increases the wait time considerably. A simple solution is to reduce the HTTP requests on the website which will help increase the website speed.

#2 Use Minified Resources:

Another important step you can take to avoid time delay is to use minified versions of JavaScript and CSS. Minified versions are available online for bootstrap and there are software apps to minify your CSS and JS files. It removes all the extra spaces and the characters in the CSS and JS files and making code execution much faster.

#3 Browser Caching:

Enabling browser caching can dramatically enhance website speed. Usually when you enable browser caching then the images, HTML document and style sheets are stored in the hardware cache of the user. So when the user visits the website again, his browser doesn’t have to call HTTP requests for those components. A lot of popular websites have browser caching enabled for better user experience.

#4 Calling JavaScript Components In End:

One way to improve website speed is by organizing website design. This can be done by calling the JavaScript components at the end of the page. It will make the website load faster and with more efficiency. While the time-consuming JavaScript components can load later.

#5 Shift To Better Hosting Options:

Research has shown that despite optimizing your website effectively, your website can still not be visible on top rankings in Google searches because of slow website loading speed. A lot of people choose cheap shared hosting options for their websites which results in slow speed. If your website has more traffic then you need to shift to better VPS hosting. However, if you are on VPS hosting already and your server can still not handle the traffic quickly then maybe it’s time to shift to a dedicated server which can be expensive.

With all these tips, you can organize your website design and take other steps to speed up your website. Where people focus on contacting an SEO agency for website success, they should also keep in mind the above steps to improve website speed.

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