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How to Design Excellent Trade Show Graphics

Every brand looks forward to participating in trade shows, as it is an excellent source for attracting new customers. Trade shows provide a platform for businesses to invite new customers to engage with their brand. Therefore, using eye-catching graphical images can be the perfect way to attract customers.

An engaging and successful trade show graphic takes a lot such as designing, printing and setting it up effectively. Before proceeding further, you must understand what a trade show graphic is, these are the graphic visuals that a brand displays at the exhibition stall. Mostly, these are two-dimensional graphics, but these can also be three-dimensional.
The trade graphics are displayed in the following forms:
● Backdrops
● Banners
● Floor graphics
● Placards
● Signage
● Pop-up and table display
If you want to develop a successful trade show graphics, these tips can help you.

Showcase your brand

Trade shows are an ideal way to deliver your brand message and personality. To make it easier, you shall break it down into three main questions:
Is your brand more traditional or edgy? Reserved or outspoken? Playful or serious?
A single brand can use multiple strategies depending upon the people who will attend the exhibition. Make sure to display your brand message after analyzing the target audience.
Are you targeting a specific gender or a specific group?
You must be clear about your targeting. The interest of males differs from the interest of females; therefore, you should develop your brand message accordingly.
Is your brand name recognizable in this event? What is the purpose of participation?
It would be best if you first decided on the purpose of participation in this exhibition. Your purpose can be to introduce a new product or reach a wide range of customers. Your brand message should revolve around the goal.
Strategic placement of trade show graphics
Your trade show graphic placement directly relates to the font size and style of your banners. You must place your graphics at the point from which they are visible and readable.

Long-range graphics

The best location to place a long-range graphics is at a height. This makes it readable for the people who are far away from your booth
This could also help the people to locate your stall, who are searching for your boot.

Mid-range graphics

The purpose of a mid-range graphic is to create curiosity among the audience. Therefore, it does not need to be placed at a height. You can use the exhibition stands for this purpose.
Short-range graphics
The perfect example of short-range graphics are forums, brochures and presentations that need to be highly informative as the people visiting your booth would go through it. Exhibition stands can also be used for this type of graphics.

Trade show graphic composition

Graphics are all about the composition of the right elements and in the right quantity.
It is essential to have an attractive combination of colour in your trade show graphics. The contrast defines the attractiveness of a graphic.


You must set a systematic flow for your trade show graphics such as from left to right and top to bottom. The reader should not get confused about how to read.


If you are taking help from pictures, then you must ensure that those are of HD quality.
Measuring the ROI of the trade show graphics
Before you begin to spend a fortune on trade show graphic development, you must calculate the expected ROI as this will help you in cutting down additional expenses.
There are many other ways through which you can make your trade show graphic more interactive, but these are the essential tips. Before participating in the next trade show, make sure that you are prepared for it.

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