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Roll up display stands are the oldest, yet the most effective way one can market their brand and products. They have been in the marketing industry since the start, and the reason that they are still in-demand speaks about how efficient they are, in what they do – catch the eye of your customers. Even with the prevalence of social media marketing, SEO, and influencer blogging on the rise, you will always come across pull-up banner stands in various events and malls.

One roll-up display stand placed in the right place at the right time can get your brand a substantial amount of customers and revenue. If you have got one for your brand, and you are clueless about assembling it, below is a step by step guide that can help you get the job done with ease.

STEP # 1

The first step is to remove the end caps of your roll-up display stand.

STEP # 2

After removing the end caps, it is time to remove the screws that are supporting the cover.

STEP # 3

After unscrewing the cover, detach it from the stand carefully.

STEP # 4

To accumulate tension core easier, tape the leader.

STEP # 5

Now, start loading the spring tension to fix the core and wind it up

STEP # 6

One of the reasons why the banners hang, again and again, is because the core is not held in place. Install the tension pin, so it stays there and holds the core in position.

STEP # 7

Now, you can attach the banner to the leader.

STEP # 8:

Fix the banner by attaching the cap back on to the leader.

STEP # 9:

Now, this is the tricky part. Hold the core with a good grasp and remove the tension pin.

STEP # 10

Gradually, allow the banner to rewind in its space.

STEP # 11

Once you see that the banner is tight and not hanging, place the end caps where they were initially. VIOLA! You have a new pull-up display stand!

Now that you know how to fix and assemble a pull-up display stand, don’t you want to know how it can benefit your business? Below are a few facts that will show the evident importance of a roll-up banner in the marketing world.

Improves your brand’s professional presence:

Quality is everything for the new-age consumer world. In the marketing industry, quality always wins over quantity. That is why a single roll-up banner, which is designed creatively, with a compelling design and text can lure in more customers for you than any other marketing tool.

Allow convenient marketing:

A roll-up banner stand is lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another, which means that you can take it with you wherever your business calls. It is a good investment as you won’t need to spend money on other advertising means when you have a roll-up banner stand already with you.


Advertising and promoting products is not a cheap venture in the modern marketing world. Roll-up banner stands cost nothing in front of other advertising measures like billboards, social media marketing, and SEO. Research and contact the reliable designers who are ready to offer you an alluring and meaningful pull-up display banner at a fair deal.

Offer space for your brand to be creative:

In the present world, you can find a plethora of similar products in the market, claiming to be better than the other. But which one catches the eye of the consumer world? Well, the brand that offers maximum creativity. With a pull-up display stand, you can showcase your creative approach by uniquely promoting your brand.

Start designing your roll-up banner stand right away and make your brand bigger, better, and stronger!



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