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Not too long ago, the trend of vehicle wraps started and got quite popular. Vehicle graphics wrap is used for covering the vehicle with a protective layer of the same or different colour. Whether it’s a vinyl wrap or a magnetic vehicle sign, it can be glossy, metallic, or matte. The whole application process can be somewhat daunting. Here’s an easy guide to vehicle wraps for all vehicle types.

#1 Gather the Materials:

Before you start applying your vehicle graphics on your vehicle, the most important measure that you need to take care of is to gather all the material required for application in one place. That is to ensure that you have everything that you need. Otherwise, leaving the process in the middle to fetch any missing tool can cause disruption in the process. You need a steady hand and continuous focus to install the wrap, and in the time you are gone to get the missing tool, your wrap can fall down, gather dust, or air bubbles.

#2 Clean the Surface:

Once you have gathered all the material required for vehicle wrap installation in one place, there comes another important that cannot be and should not be neglected. When applying any sort of wrap or sticker on your vehicle, be it a vinyl wrap or a magnetic vehicle sign, you need to make sure that the surface of your car is clean. If there is any dirt, wax, or grime on the car, it will come in the way of the wrap and cause air bubbles, wrinkles, and improper sticking. Pay special attention to the edges and curves of the vehicle because that is where the wrap grips on to.

#3 Dry It Properly:

To clean your vehicle with satisfying results, it is best to go with the classic soap and water solution and wash it thoroughly. Once you are done with the cleaning and are assured that there is no dirt remaining, get your towel. With a lint-free towel, dry the whole surface of the vehicle properly until there is not even a hint of water remaining on the surface. Make sure there is no moisture remaining otherwise it will prevent the wrap from sticking properly.

#4 Start with The Flat Areas:

Installing a wrap on your car can be a tricky business, it requires complete focus and may demand that you get another person to help you. That is so that you can hold up the vehicle graphics wrap and pull it enough to give it the tension required to keep it straight and free of wrinkles. It is best to start with the flat areas of your vehicle since they are easier to work with.

#5 Carefully Remove the Back Cover:

Start by peeling off the back cover. Best to apply the wrap as soon as you take off the cover so it doesn’t gather dust. Apply the wrap with gentle pressure to stick it firmly. As you go, gently squeeze out the air bubbles with a felt edge squeegee.

#6 Be Careful with Heat:

The heat helps the adhesive on the wrap to grip on to the vehicle surface and stick firmly for longer-lasting service. Additionally, applying heat when installing a vehicle wrap also helps you to find any bubbles and squeeze them out. You can use a blow dryer for this purpose. Repeat the method until the entire wrap is applied properly. Clean the surface, and you’re done!

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