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Feather flags are a commonly used method of promotion via banners. The reason that they are so named is that its assembled form resembles the shape of a bird’s feather, with its outward curve. Putting one up isn’t too hard. Here are the feather flag assembly instructions to set up quickly.

#1 Gather All the Materials:

One thing that you need to assemble your feather flags, or any other thing for that matter, is to gather the material in one place. That is to make sure that you have all the required things with you and all the things are in good condition. If you make sure to go over this step beforehand, you can benefit in the way that if any material is missing or in damaged condition, you can obtain it before starting in your project. This will assure that there are no obstacles in the way while you work.

#2 Attach the Poles:

First things first, the most important and fundamental tool that you need to assemble a feather flag is the pole that will keep the flag flowing. This will ensure that the feather flag stays steady and serves its purpose properly. The steady support will allow the banner to be spread out properly so that the graphics on it can be on a clear display.

#3 Get Your Banner Out:

Now that you have got all the poles that are required to put the feather flag together fit perfectly into place, it is time to move on to the actual flag. Flag or banner, whatever you may call it. Roll out your banner for a complete inspection. See if there are any rips, tears, holes, or stains on it. In the case that the answer is positive, it will be easier to repair or clean it before you attach it to the pole.

#4 Insert the Pole into The Lower Pocket:

One of the most important things that you need to focus on, to get the feather flag into place, is the small pocket on the lower part of the flag or banner. Starting from the top, slide the pole down the length of the flag and insert the pole into the small pocket that is located at the end of the banner.

#5 Secure the Pole into The Base:

With the pole attached to the flag and having the steady feather shape that gives the flag its name, you can move on to the next step. Secure the lower end of the pole that you have just attached to the flag into the base. You can either set the base at your desired location before starting the assembly or after you have attached the pole.

#6 Tie the Cord for Better Stability:

The required tools include a bungee cord. The cord is stretched from one end of the pole to another and is used to give more support to the feather flag. The stretched-out cord keeps the flag upright and properly wide open on display.

#7 Smooth Out Your Flag:

Once you are done with the whole process, smooth out the banner and there you have it; your very own feather flag!

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