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Are you planning to get a car advertising magnet for your business or a fundraiser? This blog contains everything that you need to know about customer car advertising magnets

Car magnets are a powerful medium of advertising while being strong enough to withstand tough weather conditions.

For several different applications, custom car magnets are used. Businesses can use it for advertising, while they can also be used as fundraiser pieces by sports teams, nonprofit organizations, and schools, or to inform people about the social cause they promote. 

Drive the car on the highway in peak hours in the morning and evening along the slow road, making it easy for pedestrians to look at a picture of these car magnets. Crowded shopping centers and suburban areas will ensure your custom magnets obtain a lot of visibility.

Thickness matters

The thicker the car advertising magnet, the better it is. A car magnet must have a thickness of 30 mils or more to ensure that it can bear the strong winds when the car is moving.

How can car magnets hold up?

Custom car magnets can tolerate the external components, as they can easily catch up with everything from rain or sun. These full-color magnets will stand out in style, whether it is sun, frost, or rain, to promote your word and convince people to think about it. 

These magnets are UV-safe and built for the outdoors, providing protection against the climate, no matter how the environment. On average, depending on the degree of exposure and how well they are handled, custom car magnets can last up to five years or more. These are made up of string magnetic materials and are designed to be weather resistant.

Can car advertising magnets damage the car?

The answer to this question is no. Not only custom car magnets are weatherproof, but they will also not damage the exterior of vehicles, or the car texture and varnish. Custom car magnets are easy to apply, shift, or take off, acting as temporary billboards with high visibility that are here to stay forever.

Benefits of car magnets

Car magnets generate an immediate response from your viewers by getting your name in their eyes. These are extremely affordable and are particularly suitable for mass promotions and events like campaigns and awareness activities. Stylish and enduring, car advertising magnets are available in different sizes and shapes and are simple to apply and remove off. Car magnets are flexible and can be utilized in different promotional scenarios and are suitable as team spirit pieces, election campaign material, charity events, and more. With ease, car magnets can be used for many business niches.

These were some of the important things that you must know about customer car advertising magnets. You can make the best out of good good quality car magnets that are available in the UK. Get a car advertising magnet and start captivating attention.

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