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Dos and Donts of Graphic Design

You come across a myriad of graphic designs wherever you pass. You might not notice, but all the various types of advertisement brochures, billboards, banners, logo designs of different brands, and designs on vehicles all have a significant impact on you.
You will see some designs look better than the rest as they catch your attention instantly. This why graphic designers put major emphasis on making designs in a way that could captivate their viewers. So, if you are looking to kick start your graphic design journey, you should keep a check on some important factors to ensure your designs are a success.
Keep reading to learn what factors can help you achieve the best designs and what things should you avoid that might put off your viewers.


1. Start by searching for what is happening in the graphic design world. It’s highly imperative to keep up with the on-going trends when dealing with graphics, or else you will fail badly. Keep in touch with all the trendy designs. A good way to do this is by looking at the work of reputable designers.
2. Make sure you use neat, easy to read, yet attractive fonts so that your viewers can easily understand and be attracted to the design as well.
3. Think thoroughly when choosing the right fonts. Sometimes, your concept will require funky fonts, while at other times, your message will only get across if the fonts used are simple and clean.
4. Include images and pictures in your design. It goes without saying that pictures and visuals are the best way to captivate the viewers. Regardless of whatever concept you’re making, a colourful image will surely grab the eyes of anyone passing by.
5. Make use of stock photos. These are high-quality photos with good pixels. You can easily get access to stock photos via several websites on the internet.
6. Invest a good amount of time in selecting the right colour scheme for your design. The more thought you put into the colour combination, the better results you’ll achieve. If you’re encountering difficulties in choosing the right colour scheme for your design, you can take the assistance of Google by searching colour schemes. This will provide you with ample results where you’ll have a variety of unique colours that will work well together. Another convenient approach is to go through magazines, which will give you great ideas for colour combinations.


1. Copy the work of others. This is an unethical practice. Those famous designers you see, have also gone through rough stages to get to this point.
2. Put too many fonts in a single design. Remember, the more decent and simple your design is, the better. By having too many different fonts, you will only create a mess.
3. Put too many images. As much as images are important to uplift any design, putting too many of them will overwhelm your viewers. Also, having multiple images will put hindrances in conveying a clear cut message
4. Take Google images. The worst possible mistake you’d commit while creating a design is to use an image from Google. Most of these images are of substandard quality, and their quality will badly distort once you alter or resize the design. Secondly, this also falls under the unethical practices, as you don’t own them.
5. Combine colours that do not look good together. For every design, you should have a unique colour combination that uplifts the look and feel. Also, colours are an important tool to ignite a range of emotions in people.

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