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The rapid advancement in technology within many business sectors is responsible for the drastic improvement in the way marketing works. The printing industry has always been a part of the enormous marketing world. Making of banners, billboards, catalogs, and everything else is possible due to the printing media.

However, there are two printing methods that the majority of businesses use to reach the target audience and prospective clients- Digital and litho printing. Both have exceptional benefits and differ from each other greatly. Continue reading to know the basic difference between the two, and which one is best for what.

Lithographic Printing:

Lithographic printing is extensively used in the making of books, newspapers, and other such commercial products worldwide. The working of this type of printing is based on wet ink and printing plates.

Digital Printing:

Digital Printing is easily one of the most favourite advertising methods in the marketing world. It uses inks and toners to produce high density, pigmented, and personalised images. To be simply put, the working of digital printing is similar to an office printer.

Litho Printing Vs Digital Printing:

It is not an easy job to choose between the most sought after printing methods, and that is why a complete guide of the pros and cons of both digital and litho printing is given below.

●    Speed:

The setup time of digital printing is fast and easy. Typically, the required design is uploaded onto a computer, and then you just have to press the “print” button, and the printing will start. A digital printer can print about 4,600 sheets/hour.

When it comes to litho printing, the setup time takes much longer. As this method uses printing plates, the designs take a lot of time to get done. However, a litho printer can print about 18,000 sheets/hour. So you’ll have to decide if you want faster printing or a large number of prints and then choose between the two.

●    Quality of Print:

From a marketing point of view, the print quality of an advertisement matters a lot. If we have to compare between the digital and litho printing method, litho printing produces relatively better quality, however, it is also pretty expensive. Although with the recent technologies within the printing industry, it is hard to differentiate between the two printing qualities, a professional will still know.

If your design requires large blocks of pigmented colour, litho printing should be your choice. The printing results of litho printing are also much smoother and detailed than digital printing. Finishing quality is also one of the factors that litho printing has more command over digital.

●     Cost:

When it comes to cost, digital printing is the best choice of the two. As this method does not require any setup, so you don’t have to pay for it. Whereas; litho printing requires a setup before the printing starts, so you are charged with an extra fee. Therefore digital printing is a much economical option between the two.

In conclusion, everything narrows down on preference. Analyze what you want to achieve, and then choose wisely. To know more about hands-on knowledge about printing methods, call Cherry Heath Printing – one of the best printing services in Manchester.

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