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Perfection is an illusion. Being human beings, everyone is bound to make mistakes, but the true essence of success is when you try to learn from your own mistakes or the mistakes of others. In order to help you achieve excellence, the following discusses all the common mistakes that take place during graphic designing or even by the best graphic designing agency.

Failure to understand the instructions

One of the majorly faced issues in graphic designing is the lack of communication between the customer and the graphic designing agency. The graphic designers are not able to grasp the message of the customers, which results in creating confusions and miscommunication, which further leads to unsatisfactory results. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a detailed discussion in order to eliminate all the ambiguities.

Confined in the box

Graphic designing is all about exploring and going out of the box. The key to creativity lies within trying out new ideas and exploring your skills. Settling with ordinary or an average design is one of the things that every company and a graphic designer needs to overcome as this kills creativity.

Overuse of fonts

Imagine you are reading a post and it has seven different fonts incorporated in it. What would you feel about it? It would begin to hurt your eyes, and you would feel distracted. Along with it, it would showcase the inconsistency which does not create a good impression of the brand. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a minimal number of fonts so that the brand essence could be preserved and even the target audience gets familiar with the essence of your brand.

Do not overdesign

One mistake that most graphic designers make is that they over design and the worst part about it, is that they are not able to identify this mistake. Try to keep your designs simple. Everything that is present on photoshop is not meant to be used on a single design. It is understandable that you might be interested in trying out all the features, but you would be getting many other opportunities to try all the tools in future. If you are unfamiliar with designing, you can always hire a graphic design agency to help you out.

Kerning matters

The term ‘kerning’ refers to the process of adding space between the letters which may be done automatically or manually. This is something that depicts the expertise of a graphic designing agency. Every good graphic designing agency would be taking care of kerning. There should exist a decent amount of space between letters that is neither too much nor too little. The work quality is judged based on kerning; therefore, make sure to handle it smartly.

Excessive use of stock images

There is nothing wrong with using stock images, but using excessive stock images gives an unprofessional and cheap look to the audience, as it is an easy way out and is less expensive. Therefore, it is recommended that you to avoid using stock images as much as possible. Stock images might make your work easier, but these do not possess a very good impression.



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