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In the current era, the era of vinyl signs has been increasing day by day. More companies are turning to advertise their business through vinyl signs. Moreover, decorations are also including vinyl decals, like vinyl window stickers, clear window stickers, etc. If you have been eyeing the trend too, here’s a basic guide to vinyl signs, decals, and graphics to get you started.

What Are Vinyl Signs?

Vinyl signs are a commonly used method for advertisement. The firm vinyl sheet makes for a sturdy sign that lasts long, hence why companies are turning to it. Vinyl films also make for good quality decal pieces that last long and give an attractively shiny finish.

Why Should You Choose Vinyl Graphics?

The best thing about vinyl window stickers or any other vinyl graphic decals is the promising results. While digital printing transfers the results directly on to the surface permanently, vinyl graphics stick to the surface and can be carefully removed if you change your mind.

What You Need to Know About Vinyl Installation Process:
If you’re planning to get some vinyl decals, here is a step-by-step installation guide.

#1 Get Your Material Together:

Vinyl decal? Tape? Cutting tools? Squeegee? Got it all together? It is best to make sure before the installation that you have all the installation material with you, so you won’t have to leave the process in the middle.

#2 Mark the Location:

To ensure that you have the vinyl sticker or wrap is right where you pictured it to be, what you should do is mark the area or location with a marker or thumb pins. That way, you can nail the sticker right on point.

#3 Clean the Surface:

This is the most important point that you need to cross off the list before you apply the decal. Clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water to get rid of all dirt so it doesn’t mess with the adhesive quality of the sticker.

#4 Cut the Decal in Required Pieces:

If you want the application process to be easier, you can cut the vinyl window sticker into pieces. That way, you can work on the pieces one by one and don’t have to manage the hassle of sticking one large piece.

#5 Start from The Top:

For ease in handling the sticker, you can stick the tape to the surface from the top by making a hinge with tape. That way, you won’t need an extra pair of hands to hold up the sticker for you.

#6 Peel Off the Back Layer:

With the top of your decal stuck to the surface, you can start peeling off the back layer slowly. Peel it off as you go and keep pressing the exposed adhesive part to the surface.

#7 Smooth the Decal Out:

As you are going down with the peeling and sticking, remember to keep pressing a gentle yet firm hand on the sticker to ensure that it sticks properly and smoothly.

#8 Squeeze Out Air Bubbles:

The installation of vinyl stickers can cause air bubbles during the process. However, that can be taken care of too. Grab a squeegee with its edge covered with a rubber or felt film and start squeezing out the bubbles from the sticker.

#9 Tend to Tears and Rips:

Did your decal get a rip or tear during the application? Well, don’t worry. Just go back and repeat the above-mentioned steps on the damaged piece, this time with a little more care.

#10 Finish with A Clean Cloth:

With your decal installed and the bubbles squeezed out, there’s just one thing left. Wipe the newly attached vinyl decal with a clean cloth for a polished final touch.

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