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Digital printing is a product of modern technology. The production of prints through electronic files is known as digital printing. You can create any of your artwork on the computer and then digitally print it on whatever material you like. In the marketplace, digital printing has taken over all the traditional methods of printing like flexography, lithography, letterpress, gravure, etc. Why? Digital printing reduces the cost of setup charges, that is not possible in other conventional printing methods.

Before anything, if you want to make the most of digital printing solutions, you must have a know-how of its working. If the following steps are taken precisely, no other printing method can beat your final digital print results.

Working of digital printers:

The methodology that digital printing works on is simple and convenient. Digital printing starts with creating an image on the computer system, after which the image file is sent to the printer directly. Before sending the file for printing, it is converted into PSD, PDF, or TIFF formats. Designs that require high detailing and a lower rate of print production work best with digital printing. Also, you can avoid the usage of messy formatting equipment like plates and inks.

Benefits of digital printing:

The consumer world expects printers to offer high quality, cost-efficient, and variety in gradients as fast as possible. Digital printing proposes excellent features and flexibility as compared to the previous conventional methods like flexography and offset. Below is a list of some other benefits that come with digital printing:

●    Quick response:

The setup time for digital printing is almost non-existent. The colour formatting is seamless with an already in-built colour registration system. This feature comes in handy when the production of prints has a tight deadline. Moreover, during an emergency, one can easily create a design and have it printed.

●    Top-quality:

Digital printers offer high-quality resolution and finish in the final prints. The excellent quality and consistency are the reasons why so many people prefer digital printing over other means of printers. The image quality is supers, with maximum pixel quality and absolutely no harsh lines. When you print using a digital printer, the quality of the last flyer or brochure is the same as the first one in the batch.

●    Personalization:

Unlike the old analogue printing methodologies, digital printing allows tailoring the designs according to the target audience. As it takes minimal setup time, you can personalise your ads without spending a lot of time on complicated formatting equipment. For analogue printing methods, customisation of designs is an arduous job, as each one is designated separately.

●    Diversity in materials:

The best thing about digital printing is that you’re not bound to only a few materials. In this type of printing, the surface of the material does not come in contact with the printing mechanism. Hence, the fabric material is not subjected to any holding mechanism. Any fabric, paper, and even ceramics can withstand the pressure of digital printers.

Apart from these benefits, digital printers offer short print runs and a range in the colour of inks. The high competitive marketplace demands advertisers to use the best of their resources and time. If you’re looking for a way to get the best printing results at economical rates, digital printing is the only way to go.


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