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7 Tips for Making Retail Signage Amazing

Have you ever noticed signages while passing by the road? Everyone does, including your customers. Signage is the very first thing your customer will see before entering your store. It determines whether or not the customer chooses to walk inside. Taking this into account, it can be suggested that signages have a high significance in attracting customers.


It would be best if you think thoroughly before getting signage, as it will be the first impression of your brand and its essence.

Here are some tips to help you get amazing retail signages:

Keep the copy simple

The term ‘copy’ refers to the text you place in your signage. When it comes to a sign, you only have a few seconds to capture the customer’s attention. Therefore, your copy must be precise and to the point, as the customers can read the entire idea, even when they are passing by.

Give them a reason

Signage companies are very good at catering to this element. It would help if you gave your customers a reason why they should buy your product or service. This does not mean that you have to give detailed information about your service, rather you can use a compelling mission statement to express your value.

Provide a Call To Action Statement

This is very important if you want to boost up your sales. You must give your customers a call to action. This call to action must entirely revolve around the action you want your customers to take, such as buying the products or availing the services.

Get a little personal

The purpose of compelling signage is to talk to the customers directly. Therefore, it can be personal. You can take help from words such as ‘you’ and ‘your’. This is the time to make it sound more welcoming and warm so that they look forward to seeking more information.

Keep it light

Today, every business retailer is designing signage with a ton of bright colours. If you wish to stand out of the competition, you must create a design featuring light colours. This will also help the customers remember your retail outlet better than the competitors.

Ensure readability

It is the most crucial element when it comes to designing signage. If your signage is not readable, then all your efforts and money will go in vain. You must ensure that your signage is readable from a distance by using appropriate size and spacing.

Take it for a test run

Before going on with your signage, you must go for a test run. Check for the overall look of the signage. You may ask a couple of people around you to rate it and give their feedback for improvements if required. You can hire signage companies to assist you.


These were some of the tips for making retail signage unforgettable. Keep the aforementioned tips in mind when you are planning to create signage for your retail brand.



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