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3 Important Facts About Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers are made by carving a design out of a slim, self-adhesive material that has a uniform colour. It is also known as self-coloured vinyl. Due to it’s thin, water-resistant and sticky nature, these stickers can be used for all types of labelling, graphics, marking, writings, logos, etc. you could say, there’s really no major difference between a big printed graphic in a billboard or a small label that is put on any wall. The only significant difference is the size.
You can opt for printed vinyl when the colour you’re looking for isn’t easily available. You can get in touch with a good printing company and they’ll match and remake the colour you want after going through the whole process. The whole thing will be printed on white vinyl to get you the exact colour and tone you want. Printed vinyl stickers are also an amazing option when you want to have an image made on it that has contrasts, shadows, and different shades.
Let’s shed light on some of the most important elements that these self-adhesive vinyl stickers are made up of:

1. The Ultra-Thin PVC film

Your design, colours, and shades are actually printed on this thin film, which is water-resistant. Mostly for all the printed work, the thin film is white and clear. However, you can now also find them in a wide variety of different colours and made up of metallic surfaces. These metallics are used for different colour letters. With more advanced metallics, you’ll see them glowing when it’s dark.
There are various thickness levels of vinyl films. Usually, it comes in the measurement of 90/100 micron, but most people now use thinner ones. The thin vinyl is relatively expensive as compared to the thicker ones, because of its composition and sensitivity. These thin vinyl are soft and malleable. These soft and flexible vinyl stickers are useful when you need to stick them on rugged or uneven surfaces like vehicles.

2. The Adhesive

The adhesive is the glue that is applied to the backside of the vinyl stickers. These are very strong glues and there are three different types:
⮚ Ultra Removable Adhesive: You will often put up stickers on places where you might feel the need to take them off after some time. In such cases, the ultra-removable adhesive is the best solution as it’s a low tack adhesive used on labels and graphics to stick. It can be conveniently peeled off without leaving any residue behind.
⮚ Removable: This adhesive is relatively stronger than the ultra-removable. However, it gets hard to remove if you leave it on for long.
⮚ Permanent: this adhesive is used when you don’t have to take the sticker off. Although, you can take it off by using a hairdryer to warm it up. Warming it softens the glue.

3. The Backing Paper

The vinyl is stuck on this waxy backing paper. The backing paper is left intact as a sheet when the labels are cut in shape. In some cases, a surface-over laminate is applied to the top of the ink once it’s printed.

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